Introducing Nariagen

A revolutionary Minecraft Server

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Our Games

Here on the Nariagen Network, we pride ourselves in featuring a number of awesome unique games for you to enjoy. Our servers are made of custom builds & custom plugins.

Our Staff

The Nariagen staff team are a kind, friendly, and professional group of people. We're always looking for another talanted individual to join our team. You can apply on the forums.

Our Servers

We understand a server needs speed, security, and reliability. With our blazing fast servers and high amount of dedicated RAM, we can provide & make that a reality.

Support Us

Support Nariagen by voting for the network on the sites below. Not only does this amssively benifit the server and bring more players online to play with, but you also get a reward every time you vote! Just hop onto one of our servers and vote using the links below.

Planet Minecraft

Planet Minecraft

Planet Minecraft

Planet Minecraft

Server Rules

Do not tp trap

Please do not create traps that players fall into when tpaing to you.

Do not blackmail any other member

Blackmailing any other member, especially a staff member, will get you permanently banned from our network.

Do not exploit the shop

If you find an exploit in the shop, don't use it! We'd be able to tell. Instead, report it to us for a big reward.

Do not swear in chat

Swearing is considered rude and unncessary on Nariagen. Please watch your language about our netwok.